Endorsements and Affiliations

Vienna Citizens for Responsible Development (VCRD)

VCRD vetted candidates and selected Steve as one if their two endorsements. (See News)

VCRD was formed to provide information and updates to affected and interested citizens who may not have the spare time to review the details of zoning regulations and developer proposals. It can be found on Facebook (Search Vienna Citizens for Responsible Development). It has helped create citizen awareness of inconsistencies in the MAC zoning regulations and the adverse effects of over-development along Maple Avenue such as the projects approved for 444 Maple Avenue NW, the former Marco Polo site, and the Chic Fil-A/Car Wash complex. VCRD is supporting Mr. Potter and Dr. Patel because they support reasonable limits on Maple Avenue redevelopment and will take into account well-reasoned citizen input, particularly in the areas of traffic, density, neighborhood compatibility, building height, open space, and adverse impacts on infrastructure, schools, and businesses. VCRD also supports greater public input before decisions are made and transparency in government. For more information, please go to the Vienna Citizens for Responsible Development Facebook page.


SaveMaple.org is dedicated to keeping citizens informed of all activity around development, regulations and developer actions along the Maple Avenue Corridor.  Mr. Potter has been endorsed by this organization for his tireless efforts to get MAC right.