Ways to Get Involved

It will take your help to run a winning campaign. The competition is well funded and relentless. We must raise awareness and turn out the vote. Steve’s candidacy is all about community. He has volunteered countless hours working to make a difference. Steve can’t do it alone! Please donate to help Steve win on May 7th.


Your crucial Campaign donations will be used for items like:

  • Mailers to inform citizens of candidates

  • Yard signs

  • Advertising materials

  • Social media outreach and boosts

It is critical to TURN OUT THE VOTE!

Note: Candidate is limiting donations via the web site to $500 per person.


Can you help spread the word? Are you able to donate some time to knock on doors, get on the phone or offer any other assistance? Please volunteer!

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Get a yard sign

Sign up to display Steve Potter’s campaign sign in your yard!

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