My Vision for Vienna’s Future

Redevelopment should have one goal:  Make Vienna a better place to live.  I am committed to this concept.

What have I done?

Having spoken with hundreds of Vienna citizens regarding their concerns for Vienna’s future, there is a clear message: We need to protect Vienna’s character that can be found on Church Street, at the Community Center, at the Freeman House, at the Town Green, at Water & Caffi Fields, and at our other parks. I have consistently promoted and expressed those concerns and offered solutions to protect Vienna’s character to Town officials at every level.

I am the author of the “Back to the Drawing Board” petition that garnered over 1000 signatures and a key contributor to the current MAC regulations being put on hold until further review.

I have the professional background to negotiate well through budgets, developer relations, and assisting constituents.

What will I do?

If honored with your vote I will promote the need for: common sense, transparency, citizen collaboration in town governance, and smart, properly-scaled development for the Town of Vienna that contributes to our home town character.